Admission Process

Our admission process consists of two phases:


Between March 1st and May 31st, application form can be filled up in the website.

  1. It's important to read previously the Ideology of the Residence Halls of the Jesuits in Spain. It specifies the style and objectives of this hall, and every resident must know and accept it.


The application must be accompanied by a certificate of grades and a passport size photograph and a photocopy of the Identity Card or passport.

Omission or falsification of data implies automatic exclusion of the application. The questionnaires are not returned once delivered.

Each application received within the deadline (12 June) is evaluated by the Management staff, who shortlists a percentage thereof, depending on the number of vacancies. The shortlisted candidates are notified for the second phase of the admissions process: the personal interview.


Shortlisted candidates are called for a personal interview with the Management staff of the Hall, to comment more in depth the contents of their application, and try to assess the degree of fit of the applicant to the life of a Hall and more specifically, of Loyola.

Interviews use to take place by the second half of May and the first three weeks of June, and appointments try to respect the more suitable week for the applicant. The nature of the selection process impels to adjust the time limits for appointments, but in any case we try to cite at least ten days notice, provided we receive the application on at least twenty days prior to the week chosen for the interview.

We will try to notify as soon as possible those candidates whose applications are not shortlisted, and therefore will not be called to interview.

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