The following criteria will be taken into account in the selection of residents:

  1. The academic record and grants, current and past.
  2. The University in which he has place, first to the Complutense University of Madrid because of our attachment to it, and then, Pontifical University Comillas, because it is a College of the Jesuits.
  3. Collaboration and participation in volunteer or community work of any kind, as well as membership of groups, teams, and overall experience of living together.
  4. Cultural, social, artistic or solidarity concerns.
  5. The provenance of a Jesuit school, and the identity with its values.
  6. The personal report, hand written, in which the applicant must especify with honesty his reasons for applying to this Hall, as well as his interests and values. This text, which allows us to gauge to what extent the student can fit in our Hall, is the most important factor for the screening.

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