The Loyola Residence Hall offers four places for postgraduates, who are consider considered students for all purposes, with the same commitment to accept and respect the rules of the Hall.

Anyone interested in one of these places should send the Director a stay request duly completed which can be downloaded from the website from the moment the time of admission is open along with a passport photo, a photocopy ID or passport and your CV.

The request must indicate the anticipated period of stay, may be one academic year or more, although the latter must apply for renewal at the end of each course. With the applications received, we will proceed the same way as with college students: a number proportional to the places offered will be select, and those shortlisted will be called to interview.

Places will be allocated on July 1st, and the granting of each is communicated by e-mail to the students, as well as conditions for joining the Hall. To keep the place, the applicant must pay as a deposit and reservation fee the amount of 1,000 € on time and in the bank account that prompted, an amount that will not be returned under any circumstances. This sum will be refunded when the student finish his stay in the Hall.

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