Letter from the director

Loyola Residence Hall of Madrid, founded by the Jesuits in 1969, and affiliated with the Complutense University of Madrid, welcomes students from all over Spain and abroad who will pursue their studies here and want to use the university stage not only for academic training but for the cultural and human formation that we offer at the Hall.

At Loyola, we try to realize the ideals of the Residence Halls of the Society of Jesus, which basically can be summed to provide an environment conducive to personal and team work to make the best in their studies, at the same time that stimulate their growth and maturity as a person.

This integral human development covers four basic dimensions: a practical dimension, which results in offering all means of fostering the study of college today its main mission and the reason form coming to Madrid; a social dimension, orientating the student toward solidarity and the promotion of justice; a humanistic dimension, in the sense of promotion of values, growth, participation...; and a religious dimension, with the highest respect for the individual freedom and the religious feelings of each person, but by articulating and providing the means for all those who want to deepen their faith.

All of this, in an atmosphere of camaraderie, responsibility, tolerance and compromise, which encourages friendship and healthy living, favors the study, and promotes the sport and the skills, interests and talents for the benefit of the hall community and the University.

Our endeavor is to make the Loyola Residence Hall ideal for anyone who wants to make his college life a serious, intense and at the same time rewarding experience, in a conducive environment for study, personal relationships and cultural and sports activities; for those intending their time at the university not simply as a necessary step to reach a degree, but at a stage for sharing concerns, experiences and projects with other students from all over Spain and even abroad. In short, for everyone who really wants to take advantage of the period of academic training and to get the most out of a key and unique moment in his personal life.

If somehow you see yourself in this profile, come and meet us in person: sure you will like Loyola, its people and its environment. No doubt you shall perfectly fit in its Hall community.

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