Loyola Residence Hall of Madrid, a University Center founded in 1969 by the Society of Jesus and affiliated with the Complutense University of Madrid, offers a project oriented towards students' integral human training, in an environment of living together that fosters study and favors participation. The educational project for the students, inspired by the Ignatian formative principles, aims the benefit of the hall community, the University, and the whole Spanish society.

Aligned with the goals to be pursued by every Residence Hall, in accordance with current legislation, Loyola Residence Hall has the following objectives:

  1. To provide accommodation to the students with appropriate facilities to ensure optimal conditions for their stay during their university training.
  2. To build the learning environment that promotes good academic performance.
  3. To provide the means to achieve human formation that integrates the social and ethical as well as political and religious.
  4. To promote collaboration in the life of the Hall and enhance a climate of internal coexistence based on respect, tolerance and responsibility.
  5. To organize scientific and cultural activities that complement the academic training offered at the university.
  6. To promote sporting activities inside the Hall, and facilitate the participation of their students taking place outside.
  7. To offer ways to channel their solidarity concerns with volunteer activities, not only from our own, but even jointly with other Halls.
  8. To assist in the development of religious concerns and the search for faith of those who wish, from freedom and respect for each pace.
  9. To Foster relationships with other Halls and other university centers.
  10. To ensure that the students acquire and develop, in an environment of freedom, attitudes such as commitment, dialogue and solidarity.

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