The main contribution that a Residence Hall can offer to the student is not only a conducive environment for study and academic training, but essentially the collaboration to their integral human education, through contact with the culture, but above all to live with the other components of the Hall community in an atmosphere of respect and responsibility. The freedom and commitment from all of the activities are focused provide them a special value.

Therefore, Loyola’s Workshops & Activities are tools of service for the student, when possible directed and planned by them, with the goal of enriching, multidimensional and supportive approach to the culture, and breaking passive, uncritical or superficial attitudes.

During these last years, several workshops have been working at the Hall with some continuity. Not all are active each year, while each year some new are launched. These are the ones that have been developed over the past four years. With your collaboration, some others could be added in the future. Any reasonable initiative can be listened and take place.

Aeronautics Workshop gathers the interests and concerns of the students in the aerospace field, in the broadest sense. Among other activities carried out, this workshop has organized series of lectures on the topic with speakers from the front line, and created a team for building a model plane.
It supports those who study this degree. There is a specific room with four drawing boards, cutting table and a plotter. It has also organized lecture series as the Sustainable and Bioclimatic Architecture.
It is responsible for activities in this field, such as lectures, talks and contests as well as proposing visits to museums, fairs or exhibitions.
It programs film series, both classic as premiere, and organizes outings to see the latest movies from the billboard or auteur, taking advantage of all the possibilities Madrid brings. Meetings are held with people related to the cinema world, from directors to actors, producers and technicians. There is a projector in the hall and a video camera available to make short films as well as recordings of the performances of the Hall.
Chess Workshop’s main event is the organization of Loyola International Chess Tournament, in conjunction with the Chess Club Black & White of Madrid. Besides this, the workshop aims to promote the practice of chess among the residents and university students on the whole, organizes small internal tournaments and try to teach and deepen the technique of chess by organizing courses, lectures, talks, reading books etc.
Following the interest of a large group of students, dance workshop was formed with a professional teacher, specializing in funky. The tests, scheduled regularly, not only keep fit but also create choreographies that are represented in the festivals of the Loyola Residence Hall.
Enology Workshop is oriented to begin and deepen the knowledge of one of the elements that most strongly comprise the Spanish culture: wine. It organizes wine tastings from different sources with winemakers; conferences on wine, processing, marketing and consumption, and also works with documents and literature on wine. In addition to the above they also plan trips to wineries and other interesting places.
The principal task of Enterprise Workshop is approaching the world of business, enterprises and economy to the Hall collective. Its main activity is organizing conferences and seminars with teachers, businessmen and specialists from the world of economics and finance.
It promotes and organizes recycling efforts and awareness within and outside the Hall, such as scheduling debates, lectures and films on topics related to nature and the environment. It also organizes a camping trip to enjoy the outdoors.
This workshop has lots of different board games. They organize tournaments and are responsible for proper maintenance of the material
The Gender Workshop includes many branches arising from this matter. Through lectures, seminars and talks, addresses issues of gender equality, feminism, sexuality, and gender workplace, and any issues related to the subject. All this activity is complemented by reading workshops.
It channels aid the students bring to the NGO's. They develop some activities in collaboration with the CUPDH (College Confederation Pro Human Rights) and the ‘Kilo campaign’, the sports marathon, the Solidarity Tournament, Charity Monologues, etc. It has became also a platform to discuss issues around human rights issues and social in general.
Journalism Workshop focuses on the organization of lectures and seminars on all areas of journalism, with renowned experts. The Hall also organizes visits to media and radio or TV programs.
It deals with the proper maintenance and functioning of the Hall Library, through acquisition and cataloging of all publications (popular scientific, technical, fiction, magazines, etc.). It manages and controls the lending of books.
The core activity of the workshop is talks among students, but also organizes lectures and discussions with writers, editors, critics and teachers, and suggests different readings for the course. Also, literary contests are held, such as micro-stories or poetry. They also read altogether the same book, in order to discuss with the author at a dinner gathering.
This workshop aims to approach the practice of these skills to the students, through courses taught by the students themselves or by specialists in the field. The activity is supplemented by outings to different events, including visits to tents and places to practice and learn with others who share this interest, and performances in some events of Loyola Residence Hall.
It channels the interest of students in martial arts, from karate or judo to kung-fu, aikido or taekwon-do. People in this workshop practice with the assistance of professionals and learn new techniques, including personal defense.
Medicine Workshop focuses on outreach and deepening on subjects having to do with medicine. By organizing seminars, lectures and gatherings, the workshop aims to bring the community issues belonging to that science.
Mountain Workshop organizes excursions, outings and trips to the Sierra de Madrid, for hiking or climbing. It is closely linked to the Environment Workshop.
Directs the musical interests of students through common trials, in which some teach others the practice of an instrument, including piano or drums. Promotes the realization of concerts, commented auditions, seminars, etc., in order to initiate and increase the interest in music. It also organizes trips to musicals and concerts with part of the subsidized price.
This workshop takes care of the maintenance of the Room of Classic Music: acquisition of new CDs, information on cycles of concerts, representations of opera, zarzuela, ballet, etc. It also promotes the commented accomplishment of concerts, hearing, seminaries, etc., that initiate and increase the interest on music.
The photo enthusiasts, gathered around the workshop, may arrange a photoshop cours for students or hold a photo contest. They also performed a "photo safari" in Madrid and its surroundings.
It encompasses many different fields: politics, law, economics, etc. Organize gatherings and talks on the week’s news, or lectures with frontline staff.
It tries to bring science to the entire university community as well as being a channel for the deepening of those more interesting. Their activities range from conferences or gatherings to publications in the Hall bulletin.
There are male and female teams participating in the championships between Halls organized by the Secretariat of Joint Activities of Residence Halls, and tournaments in the various halls. The sports that usually form teams are:
  1. Soccer
  2. Indoor soccer
  3. Basketball
  4. Handball
  5. Volleyball
  6. Tennis
  7. Table tennis
  8. Paddle tennis

Trainings are organized internally as well as search and disposal field or court sports that have to be practiced outside of the Hall. Maintenance and improvement of the gym is also the responsibility of this workshop .

There is a theater workshop that introduces those interested in theatrical performance. Represents a play directed by a professional, which participates in the Theatre Workshop organized by the Secretariat of Joint Activities of Residence Halls.
Program chats with people related to the current scene, provides representations of other groups and invited workshops, and organizes outings to plays.
This brings together the students who are interested in video games, for internal competitions, play together and learn tricks on the most successful games

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